Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over Training...

I am one to admit that I am prone to overtraining. I believe it has to do with the fact that I was restricted in my gymnastics training by a particular coach who didn't care to be in the gym enough to help me reach my potential. Now that I can go to the gym whenever I want, I tend to spend numerous hours in my own training as well as training others-which usually includes me joining in on the work outs.

Lately I've been having trouble getting to sleep. I seem to feel anxious, restless yet simultaneously exhausted. Likewise, I also noticed yesterday that my heartrate seemed to be going too fast while sitting in my car. This bothered me and also caused more anxiety, making me feel sick and tired.

It was my third super hard day in the gym as well as my third day of eating super natural. However, I let myself go a little easy on eating which made me feel guilty and caused me to go through the anxiety issue-again.

Crossfit wears me out more than any other exercise program I do and after the squats and running, my legs felt pretty shot going into my spin class. Even so, I pumped myself up and gave everyone an intense workout. Luckily, in teaching crossfit, I don't have to perform the work out, yet constantly yelling encouragement seems to have a slightly similar effect. At any rate, raising my heartrate to an unnatural state. I didn't have coffee but I had some spark, but I don't think it was the caffeine. I left the gym at about 7:30pm, skipping my last 2 miles of running I had planned to get in. I was severely hungry and scarfed down my paleo meal of veggies, hummus, tuna and an egg. I felt increasingly unsatisfied and went to bed feeling deprived, anxious, tired and was unable to get to sleep.

I awoke this morning completely exhausted as I had been when I went to bed and likewise I found that I had some pain in my calf. Fortuantly, I had skipped out on my extra running miles yesterday. However, I knew I had still pushed myself a little harder than I should've. Thus I have decided to make today a rather easy day.

12:20-1pm Abs with Kayla-led by Danni (It's gonna hurt...Lol)
Extra: work out with Kayla
Body Mapping at 2:15pm - Recovery
Hang with Dani (Never got around to it earlier in the week)
Work on fitness plan program with Brooke
6:45pm-Teach Crossfit

Friday is going to be a hard day so trying to cut back as much as possible today.
Over Training According to Wikipedia:

Overtraining may be accompanied by one or more concomitant symptoms:
Persistent muscle soreness
Persistent fatigue
Elevated resting heart rate
Reduced heart rate variability
Increased susceptibility to infections
Increased incidence of injuries
Mental breakdown

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