Monday, June 11, 2012

7 days without crossfit makes one week...

Lately I've been feeling burnt out, frusterated, tired and completely in need of a vacation. I haven't gotten out of this town much since I got certified in Crossfit, 6 months ago...
Seriously need a break.
A couple of items I really need to talk about, three things imparticular: My crossfit blurbage, moving or not moving and the Nastia issue.

Plus the idea of coming out of retirement in gymnastics has been put on hold. Mostly because I can't train due to the fact that the gym I once called home wont even let me onto the floor. Why? Insurance policies, fear, communication issues between coaches and for a lack of feeling welcome, I don't care much to enter in to their training facility. The other reason being some overuse injuries I've developed all over my lower body. This is severely frusterating in itself. My calves, achilles and bottoms of my feet imparticular feel swollen and tight all of the time.

Stress has likely been part of my inability to lose weight. I had started eating healthier than ever since the crossfit regionals but nothing seemed to come from it except severe fatigue, naturally this occured from "paleo" foods that my body is allergic to. Since then I have been cheating more often too. It's been very frusterating and hard to keep my goal in mind. It just feels like I am going through the motions nowdays. No desire. No joy. Just teaching classes and working out. Everything feels purposeless. I need some motivation... something to inspire me again.

The last discussion topic I want to confront is why the fuck Nastia is able to go to trials with those 2 nightmarish bar routines when Chellsie, who was obviously more prepared was not allowed to move forward. That frusterates me a lot. Partially because I am not much of a Nastia fan...

I managed to get out of town for about 3 hours and visited a friend who started a new gym. A new gym I may start coaching/training at. As a soveigner, she decided to take a picture of me in front of the banner. I love the pic!... >>>

At any rate, its late, I'm hurting, tired & frusterated. I'm going to bed.