Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seattle Century Ride 2011

These bike rides are seriously the most amazing and fun adventures I've ever been on in my life. I will cherish the memories from them forever!

I began school 4 weeks ago, and they have been the longest fricking weeks of my life! All I've been doing lately is homework, class work and more homework. I've had no time to blog, very little time to exercise and haven't made enough friends to get to spend time with outside of class.

Last weekend was a Godsend! I got to ride the 50 mile portion of the Seattle Century with three of the most amazing, fun and carefree women! Carol, Darlene and Linda made my entire weekend worthwhile and the joy I felt from spending time with them has carried over into the week. Each of them have such childlike and immensly, joyful personalities that I just want to be around them all of the time. I love this new world of cycling that I've entered into!

The day began early. I was out of my apartment by 7am and headed toward the hotel the three were staying at. We were headed toward Magnuson Park within the hour and registered around 8ish. The views were lovely through out the whole ride and the weather was simply fantastic! I was especially thankful for that since weather in Seattle is known to be unpredictable or bi-polar. There wasn't a bit of rain or even a cloud in the sky. The day was absolutely perfect!

Carol, Darlene and Linda made the ride INCREDIBLE for me! It was so fun to be with people who are so comfortable in their skin that they can just be themselves and enjoy every moment that life gives them. Those are the types of people I want to associate with everyday of my life. The day was over before it began. I could not even tell you where we went. I know we went over a magnificent bridge and we were on what I think is called, "Gibson Park Trail." I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. At the end of the ride we were fed the most delicious tasting salad, salmon, rice pilaf, raspberries and barbequed asparagus!

I can't wait for more rides with 3 ladies in the future! This one I will hold in my heart along with the "Canyon for a Day," "Packwood to Ashford" and the little rides that Carol has taken me on in the past. They are days I will never, ever forget!

For now, the gym is where I'll be located...Spinning to increase my performance on a bike in the future...Or I'll be in a classroom...Wasting my precious life away...