Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/5/15: Training


Find 10RM Bench-

12 min EMOM:
Odd-5 Bench Press @ 10rm wgt
Even-3 to 5 Muscle ups (Rings)

12 min EMOM:
ODD- 3 to 5 Strict HSPU
EVEN- 10 GHD Sit ups


Leg Work:

3x10 Reverse hamstring curls

3x10 B.ext (slow + wgt’d)

3x10 Reverse Crunch (twinkies)

3x10 B.rack Lunges (Total) AHAP

3x.30sec BB Sqt jumps

3x10 RDL (AHAP)

3x10 side wgt’d crunch (off Ab machine upstairs)

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